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Property law in Thailand will always need a lawyer in Thailand as the property market is not well regulated. You could contact GAM Legal Alliance in Bangkok for assistance when buying property in Thailand as the process and rules of bringing money into the country all has to be documented correctly. The transfer of funds from abroad is complex and errors will cost you money to correct. Speak to a property lawyer in Thailand for more information about the process as well as legal assistance.

The property lawyers at  GAM Legal Alliance is one of the better known law firms in Thailand that is used by expats. If you are in need of a property attorney then speak to those at GAM Legal Alliance in their property department as this will be your best choice. You can start by sending them an email to ask questions.

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You are going to need help with the due diligence. Property is not well regulated in Thailand and problems do occur. There is an entire page on property scams in Thailand which you can read to get a better understanding the title deeds in Thailand. There are also issues such as title deed search as well as checking the property for usufructs, superficies and other legal means of encumbering the property.

If you are thinking of  retiring in Thailand then many people to start by buying property in Thailand while most rent. There are many other legal issues which do become complex such as  one of the main issues in Thailand outside of retirement. So contact GAM Legal Alliance now for more assistance.

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