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Contested Divorce in Thailand

Contested divorce in Thailand applies when both spouses cannot resolve issues pertaining to their separation. Not being able to sort an agreement on how to end their marriage will result to a process done in court. The spouse who seeks for divorce must be able to prove the grounds of such claim of divorce in Thailand which is stated in Section 1516 of the CCCT.

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TM30 Form

The TM30 Form is a requirement implemented by the Thai Immigration Bureau. This rule aims to ensure the transparency regarding the accommodation details of every foreigner staying in Thailand. The TM30 Form should be completed by the landlord of a property. This to report the stay of a foreign guest/s within 24 hours from their arrival. See property laws in Thailand as well.

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Property Lawyer in Thailand

You will need a property lawyer in Thailand. Purchasing and selling property in Thailand can be tricky and stressful at the same time. This is because it is difficult to navigate with the prices and the terms are sometimes not clear. However, the whole process can become a little convenient if you get help from an experienced Thai Property lawyer. Having a property lawyer in Thailand would avoid unnecessary conflicts and ensure that the law is on your side when making property related transactions in Thailand.

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Thai Last Will and Testament

The Thai last will and testament is explained in detail. As much as you do not want to be thinking about your death, it is strongly recommended for foreigners in Thailand to draft a Thai Last Will and Testament for their assets in the Kingdom. The last thing that you want is to cause additional stress to your family during the period of mourning. This especially with property in the country.

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The Thai Baht

The Thai Baht is commonly traded in pairs with major world currencies. These including the USD, AUS, EUR, GBP and JPY. Since the introduction of the Thai baht. It has been issued as coins, paper money and plastic polymer money. Thailand’s local currency is printed under the authority of the Bank of Thailand. The coins are made at the Royal Thai Mint. Which is a subsidiary of the treasury department. Buying property and currency are linked to investment.

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Divorce and Property

See what you need to know about divorce and property in Thailand. Under Thai Law, there are three reasons for a marriage to be terminated: Death, Divorce and Cancelled by Court. In Thailand, there are no differences between foreigners and Thais. Although it is a must for them to translate the documents which can be a bit complicated. To have a divorce in Thailand, your marriage should be based and recognized under Thai Law. Always take legal advice from a Thai lawyer for more information.

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Foreigners Getting Married in Thailand

See what you need to know about foreigners getting married in Thailand. A lot of foreigners have been coming to Thailand and marry their Thai fiancées. For some, they wanted to do it overseas, but, mostly, marriages in Thailand have been their choice. For those planning to get married in Thailand, you should be aware about the difference between the two. Always check your prenuptial agreement as well as property rights in Thailand before getting married.

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