Title Deeds in Thailand can be very complicated as there are different title deeds in Thailand and each has its own limitations. They can be ‘upgraded’ to the next level however this does take time and money. The Chanote title deed in Thailand would be what you would expect and would be similar in nature to a title deed in your home country. If you are going to buy property in Thailand or any real estate be it a condo or a villa then take legal advice before hand from a law firm.

Remember that estate agents are there to sell property and are not there to look out for what is best for your long term. As the land measurements in Thailand are different as well as the legal processes, many foreigners have lost their retirement saving taking incorrect advice or ending in a property scam. It is up to you to ensure that you have done a due diligence study on the property you wish to buy. Should there be a loss then the ability to recover that loss is minimal. During the Asian financial crisis many years ago many property projects has been left incomplete. There are sections in Bangkok where there are large buildings still standing empty or incomplete. Always take legal advice from an attorney in Thailand before parting with your money.

ChanoteYou first title deed much like you would have at home is the Chanote. This is the property title deed you should be getting if you are looking at investing in Thailand. The next title deed below this is a Nor Sor 3 Gor. This title deed can be ‘upgraded’ by an attorney making the needed application however it does cost time and money and you have to take this into account when you are buying any property. The Nor Sor 3 Gor is an incomplete title deed as its boundaries have not been measured by the Land Department in Thailand as yet.

Chanote Title Deed

Note that this also becomes important if you are wishing to register a usufruct over property, signing a lease agreement or looking at registering a superficies over the property. Always speak to a property lawyer in Thailand before singing any agreement or paying a deposit on an agreement.

The details on the Chanote would be your full name and details as well as the GPS co-ordinates for the property. The GPS will confirms the location of the property as well as the boundaries of the property. You would be able to take a GPS reader and walk on the property and the boundaries will be where the Chanote says it is. The Chanote gives you full rights over the property and area as defined by the GPS co-ordinates.

If you are wanting to buy property in Thailand then you will also need to know how transfers of property occur as well as land measurements. If a ‘Wah’ of land means nothing to you then you need to speak to a property lawyer for advice.

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