TM30 Form

The TM30 Form is a requirement implemented by the Thai Immigration Bureau. This rule aims to ensure the transparency regarding the accommodation details of every foreigner staying in Thailand. The TM30 Form should be completed by the landlord of a property. This to report the stay of a foreign guest/s within 24 hours from their arrival. See property laws in Thailand as well.

TM30 Form

For those coming to Thailand on a holiday and staying in a hotel. There is no need to worry about this requirement.

TM30 FormThe TM30 Form is designed to report foreign nationals staying in the country. May it be short-term (90 days on nonimmigrant visa) or long-term. If you are staying in a condo or an apartment. The owner is obliged to register you and notify the relevant authorities. The TM30 main objective is to provide an effective monitoring to foreigners staying in Thailand. Thus preventing foreign criminals to choose Thailand as their place to hide out.

The TM30 takes the Immigration tracking beyond the airports and land borders and to the residence of every foreigner in the Kingdom. It is also used as a way to provide information on the country’s tourism. Tracking the number of foreigners staying in the country.  As well as the most popular destination chosen by foreign travelers. The data being collected could also help in identifying which foreigners are working illegally in Thailand, and which ones have overstayed their visas.

TM30 Form Enforcement

The law governing the TM30 Form has been introduced a long time ago. But since has expanded beyond hotels to covering those properties with landlords or units which are not classified as hotels. It was important to include condo rentals and other unlicensed businesses . Those which accommodate guests, and also those Thai individuals and families who host foreigners in their homes. In general, anyone who offers accommodation is required to comply with the law by reporting any foreign national staying on their property. It is the landlord’s responsibility to submit the TM30, but if the landlord fails to do so, the guest should bring up the issue as it is a legal requirement in the country.

There are instances wherein long-term tenants discover that they have not been reported by their landlords, and such issues are only discussed at the Immigration Office on the day of the 90-day reporting or upon visa renewal. It is highly recommended for foreigners who have been staying in a certain property for a while to befriend your landlord and inquire whether you have been reported or not.