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Property Lawyer in Thailand

You will need a property lawyer in Thailand. Purchasing and selling property in Thailand can be tricky and stressful at the same time. This is because it is difficult to navigate with the prices and the terms are sometimes not clear. However, the whole process can become a little convenient if you get help from an experienced Thai Property lawyer. Having a property lawyer in Thailand would avoid unnecessary conflicts and ensure that the law is on your side when making property related transactions in Thailand.

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The Thai Baht

The Thai Baht is commonly traded in pairs with major world currencies. These including the USD, AUS, EUR, GBP and JPY. Since the introduction of the Thai baht. It has been issued as coins, paper money and plastic polymer money. Thailand’s local currency is printed under the authority of the Bank of Thailand. The coins are made at the Royal Thai Mint. Which is a subsidiary of the treasury department. Buying property and currency are linked to investment.

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Property in Thailand

Property in Thailand is complex. If you are considering buying property or any real estate in Thailand then you would be best advised to speak to a property lawyer in Thailand. This is best to ensure that you will get what you pay for especially if you are buying off plan property which can be very risky. Below you will find articles on property law in Thailand and how best to navigate your property purchase in the Kingdom.

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Property Agents and Developers

The property agents and developers segment is important as this is where problems begin. When dealing with a property agent in Thailand. The middle man is normally not authorised to speak on behalf of the Thai developer. This meaning that whatever agreements you made with the agent. Might not be in the contract when you sign. The large property developers tend to have their own marketing departments. They can assist however they do not do the majority of sales in Thailand. Always seek legal advice before you agree to anything.

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Property Issues

Property issues in Thailand are very common. With the growth in the property market. The Thai government over the last 5 years have stepped on cracking down. This on what they view as abuse of the property laws and also tax laws. The following are good examples on what they are cracking down on at present. Note that you should always take proper legal advice from an attorney in Thailand so as not to run afoul of the law.

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Thai Property Scams

There are Thai property scams. Property sales are not well regulated in Thailand. This is the primary reason why most buyers retain the services of an attorney in Phuket or Thailand. Mainly to ensure that they understand the law. So that they are not going to invest in property that is not what it seems. Property scams are not new. Many do make the news in Thailand. Below are some of them from the local Bangkok Post over the past few years.

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