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Foreigners Getting Married in Thailand

See what you need to know about foreigners getting married in Thailand. A lot of foreigners have been coming to Thailand and marry their Thai fiancées. For some, they wanted to do it overseas, but, mostly, marriages in Thailand have been their choice. For those planning to get married in Thailand, you should be aware about the difference between the two. Always check your prenuptial agreement as well as property rights in Thailand before getting married.

Foreigners Getting Married in Thailand

Foreigners Getting Married in ThailandWedding Ceremony and Marriage Registration in Thailand

In Thailand, these two serves different purposes. The ceremony is just held to formally honor the family as well as religious customs and traditions. The ceremony itself does not make your marriage legal and valid in Thailand. You can celebrate with families and relatives from your wife’s side, yet, still, it is just a ceremony and not legal binding. This is where Marriage Registration comes to play. Marriage registration is an act of formally putting your marriage into record under the registration of the country. This is the process from which it is recognized as a legal document of your bond and commitment.

In Thailand, Thai marriage can be solemnized with or without the ceremony or celebration, which has often taken place in home towns, hotels or resorts. The ceremony is just a choice amongst couples or an agreement prior to the Thai marriage registration. Some man gives the engagement party, then, the ceremony and after the marriage registration itself.

Couples who wish to marry in Thailand need to be eligible as listed:

  • ·  Either should be of right age, or any marriageable age as stated in your home country’s laws
  • ·  Either should not be an insane person or found incompetent
  • ·  Also either should not be in relation by blood, may it be direct ascendant or descendant line, half or full
  • ·  Both should not have the same adoptive parents
  • ·  Either should not have a spouse at the time of the marriage

Foreigners are required to bring these documents as listed:

  • ·    Copy of passport with arrival card
  • ·    Affidavit from respective embassy regarding the marital status and the passport of the person
  • ·    Translated copies of affidavits certified by an approved Foreign Ministry Translator

An application for registration of marriage in Thailand can be filed at any District Office regardless of couple’s birthplace. During marriage registration in Thailand, a Thai national from the female side should serve as witnesses of the marriage registration. The female party should then decide if she wishes to change her surname or the like. All changes and details will reflect on the marriage documents, which will then be needed to update all Thai civil documents.