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Retire in Bangkok

Thailand offers many exceptional retirement locations and advantages compared to other countries. It is very easy to fall in love with its environment, culture, people and incredible Thai food. Retirees and for those foreigners leading to its retirement, one should consider not only a selection of dazzling coastal locations but also the city of Bangkok, which earns one of the top ranking in tourism and lifestyle surveys through being a remarkably live-able city.

Bangkok is among the world’s cheapest places to retire. Your retirement money goes much further in this part of the world. Now, a foreigner who wants to live in Thailand permanently needs a visa. Thailand offers a number of visa options. For those who intend to retire may want to consider living in this awesome city of Bangkok.

To qualify, you must be at the age of 50 or older at the time of application and should meet any of the financial requirement: A deposit of 800,000THB in a Thai bank for at least two months prior to making your application or be able to prove that you are receiving a pension or social security of at least 65,000THB per month or a combination of your deposit in the bank in addition to your annual income which is equivalent to 800,000THB.

The initial visa based on Retirement is commonly known as “Non Immigrant O” visa. This visa is good for three months which will then be converted to a 1 year “Nonimmigrant O-A” Retirement Visa. Take note that employment is prohibited in this type of visa. And every three months or 90 days, you are required to report your address or so called “90-day reporting” at the any immigration office nearest to you.

The visa requirements for Thailand may seem confusing at times in order to spend part or the rest of your Life in this interesting and tropical paradise.