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Property in Thailand

Property in Thailand is complex. If you are considering buying property or any real estate in Thailand then you would be best advised to speak to a property lawyer in Thailand. This is best to ensure that you will get what you pay for especially if you are buying off plan property which can be very risky. Below you will find articles on property law in Thailand and how best to navigate your property purchase in the Kingdom.

Property in Thailand

Property in Thailand – Chanote

If you are buying property in Thailand then the Chanote title deed in Thailand is what you are going to be looking for. There are a number of other title deeds in Thailand however these are not recommended for foreigners and it is best to speak to a property lawyer about this. You can find more on Title Deeds in Thailand on the main website which is listed here. Always take legal advice when you are buying or considering buying property in Thailand. See the issues with property in Thailand.

Property in Thailand – Lease Agreements

Lease agreements in Thailand are the most common why retired people rent property long term. You will need to take legal advice if you are looking at long term lease agreements to ensure that it complies with the law. Certain rental agreements or lease agreements in Thailand need to be registered with the land office as it is registered against the property title deed. This ensures that your lease is known to any potential buyer of the property. There is also the ability to lease land in Thailand however there are restricted job categories in Thailand or Prohibited Occupations in Thailand as it is known. Always take legal advice before you sign any agreements.

Property Agents & Developers

Property Lawyer in ThailandIf you are buying property while in Thailand then negotiating with a property agent might not always be a good idea. You will need to ensure that the agent is the authorised property agent for the builder or developer. This is important as any agreement you might have made with the agent might not be in the property purchase agreement which you are signing. This is important to ensure that you understand the agreement and that you known what you are signing as the agreement might be in the Thai language which you might not be able to read. Take legal advice when dealing with property in Thailand. Having a property due diligence in Thailand done is very important with regards to property in Thailand as they will check for a rental agreement registered against the property as well as any usufruct registered against the property.

Thai Property Scams

There will always be property scams and it is important that you ensure that you have done a due diligence on the real estate you are buying to ensure that you are getting what you paid for. Always take proper legal advice from an attorney in Thailand when purchasing any form of property in the Kingdom. Look again at the property in Thailand.