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Title Deeds in Thailand for Foreigners

These are the title deeds in Thailand for foreigners. The following title deeds are the more common title deeds which are offered to foreigners. You are best served by seeking legal advice from an attorney in Phuket for more information and assistance. See also the title deeds in Thailand which is mainly meant for Thai nationals. Most foreigners buy property which has a Chanote as a title deed which is similar to a title deed in the West.

Title Deeds in Thailand for Foreigners

Note however that certain Chanote’s which the Thai government gave to Thai nationals was under a land program and that land and property has a limitation in its Chanote where it cannot be sold for a period of 10 years or more.

Nor Sor Saam 3 Gor

This title deed does get offered to foreigners. Having said that  however it is much like the other title deeds which are mainly meant for Title Deeds in Thailand - ForeignersThai nationals. The Nor Sor Saam 3 Gor is another version of the Nor Sor Sam 3. However with this one the land has been accurately surveyed and does not depend on the location of concrete markers in the ground. This is as it has had its parcel points set by using an aerial survey. It also does not need a 30 day advertising period in a local newspaper.

Nor Sor Saam 3 Khor

This title deed is much like the one above however its parcel points was not set by an aerial survey.

Very few is any foreigners would buy land with these type of title deeds and most foreigners in Thailand will insist on buying a Chanote title deed. See this website for more details about the Chanote title deed. Most foreigners who have property disputes would be those who did not do a property due diligence on the property they bought. There have over the years in Thailand been many property scams highlighted in the Thai media.

Many of these foreign buyers lost their property as either the property was developed on government land or on land designated for wildlife. This is normally what can occur when you do not seek independent legal advice and do a proper due diligence on either the land, property or the developer.

Property Scams

Most expats and those who have lived in Thailand for a few years. They  know the pitfalls in the property market well. Most will have a law firm in Thailand do a property report on the property they are buying. This even when the property developer is well known and has an excellent reputation in Thailand. See the article on the most common property problems in Thailand which people experience. Also the property scams in the past in Thailand as highlighted in the local media.

Always seek proper legal advice when dealing in property in Thailand. This as the property market is very loosely regulated. Even though the Thai Government had over the past few years brought Consumer Courts to the general public. Recovering your money can cost you more than what you lost. The Asian Financial Crisis was an excellent example as to why you should always do your homework.This before you buy property in Thailand.

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